Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Months!

That's right! Baylor is 5 months today. Where has the time gone? I know I say it all the time,but time just goes by so fast. He seems to FINALLY feel a little better and that makes Mama and Daddy SO happy!

Baylor wanted me to tell you some of things he's up to know:

He's still in size 1 diapers!

He can wear 3mos and 6 mos clothes. Some 6 mos are a little "baggy" on him since he's so long and lean, but he's getting some weight on him with all the solids he's eating.

He eats 1 tbsp of rice cereal mixed with water in the morning and evening. On Wednesday we start adding in fruit with it. YAY for a little taste!

He has tried all 3 orange/yellow vegetables now. Sweet Potatoes I think were his favorite. Then Squash. The carrots I'm not so sure he really cared for.

He will start green vegetables in a couple weeks and we'll keep you posted on how that goes.

He drinks about around 28 oz of formula a day. Sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less.

He usually goes to bed around 9 and we have to wake him up the mornings around 6:15. He does not like to be woken up either! Can you blame him?!

He still LOVES bath time and hates when you take him out. His whale tub has a little hump thing that he sits on and he tries his hardest to get off of it and into the "deep" water. Jonathan and I think (and hope) he's going to love the pool this summer. Mama has already bought him 5 swimsuits so he is ready for summer and his 1st beach trip which is less than a month away as of yesterday! You should see all of them. They are too cute!

He still loves his Little Lamb Infant swing!

He enjoys his Combi Car/Walker!

He has the cutest little laugh and does it often.

He's a "talker." When we're out in public he talks a lot. He gets lots of attention from people passing him in the stores. It's the cutest thing!

Speaking of "talking" he has been letting out what sounds like "Maaama" for a while now. When we were in a store recently even the owner and some other ladies pointed out that he said "Mama." Is that even possible at this stage?!

He's still trying to sit and gets so upset that he can't at this point. He lifts his head, neck, and back and then brings his legs up to his chest. It's so cute.

He's rolling over. Once he got the hang of it he just kept doing it over and over again.

He really enjoys watching Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He got his 1st movie in his Easter Basket. It's "Mickey Mouse Splash." Mama and Daddy got it to go along with his "beach theme" basket. He also got an applique and monogrammed beach towel, personalized beach pail, monogrammed beach hat, 2 Bailey Boys swimsuits, sunglasses, sunblock, and a fog float to go with the beach theme.

He is recovering from his 1st ear infection, double ear infection. This is the first time he's had to take meds for being sick other than Tylenol.

He is still on his prev acid for reflux, but he's almost over it and will stop the meds at 6 mos.

We still give him Mylicon Drops with every bottle for gas. Why mess up a good thing?

Oh and one last thing. He loves his Lovie... he has 2 one is a blue hippo and one is a green frog. He likes to rub them in his face and chew on them. Mama and Daddy thinks it's so sweet!

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