Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Allergies!

Food Allergies

You can see see some of his bumps around his neck :(

Sick Baby!

Yesterday Baylor and I headed back to the doctor. This time it was for a rash he had from his mouth all the way down to his belly and on his back. He had been pretty fussy since Sunday and started to cough, sneeze, and hold his head above his ear so I thought he was getting sick, again. I had no clue if the rash was related or not so I decided to take him in.

We had to see Dr. Glover since Dr. Morrison was off and he took a look at Bay and said it looked a lot like food allergies. I wasn't too suprised because I've called the office on 2 other occasions when I've noticed a little breakout on his face around the time that a new food had been introduced. They seemed to think it was something he was coming in direct contact with on his skin not the food. It always went away a few days later. No big deal! Well he also had a really red throat, so they did a strep test. It was Neg-Praise the Lord! We left with a hydrocortisone cream to use and was told to stop the foods that we thought me causing the rash. We just introduced applesauce on Monday evening and before that peaches were the newest food. I know when I made the call the 2 times before it was was with squash and carrots so we are going to stop all of them until his rash is completely gone. This means he can eat-rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes until we start re-introducing the questionable foods over again. Poor Baby! We were just about to get to the green veggies, but I guess they will have to wait for now.

The good news is that most babies grow out of these types of food allergies. I did ask about allergy testing and Dr. G said it's really not a good idea because the allergy test only test for IGE reactions and babies can have several other types of reactions other than IGE so you can get a false neg if your baby doesn't have an IGE reaction they could still have an adverse reaction, allergic reaction, etc...Makes sense!

Baylor of course was a "Ham" the whole we were there. All the nurses remembered him. One nurse referred to him as that "Pretty Baby Boy" and she told the nurse helping us that she better be nice to him because he is such a sweet baby. Of course Mama agrees! Another nurse said she wanted to take him home. Can you blame her?! He laughs, smiles, and talks to the doctor's everytime we go. It's so funny to seem him so happy when we are there. Oh and got to do his FAVORITE thing... play with the crinkly paper. You can see him playing on it under my blog post 4 month visit post if you missed it.

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Josh and Beth said...

Bless his heart!! I worry about Sully having them since I do. I hope y'all are able to pinpoint the foods easily. I also hope he is done with being sick for a long time!! Keeping you both in my prayers!!!