Monday, April 12, 2010

Sick Baby!

Sick Baby watching Disney!
We took Baylor to the doctor on Saturday morning because he started getting congested on Thursday and continued to get worse after we did the list of things on our "cold" page in the book that our Dr. M's office gave us. Friday evening he sounded horrible so we called his Pediatrician first thing Saturday morning and we took him in. Not only were we shocked to learn he had his first ear infection, but he had one in both ears :( His left was worse than the right. Dr. G was the doctor on call and he told us twice that we made the right decision bringing him in that morning. Sunday he did not feel good at all. I stayed home with him today and he starting to feel a little bit better. We hate seeing our sweet baby feel bad. It breaks our hearts!
One more thing, our sweet baby is up to 15lb 1oz!

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