Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hospital Stay...

Uncle Tab and Aunt MB!

Granna feeding me bananas for the first time! I LOVED them!

Sweet Baby with is Lovie!

Playing with his first balloon!
Sweet Bonnie and Hadley came to visit!
LOVE those Eyes and those lips!!!
Sleeping in his Oxygen Tent!
Mama loves her Boys!

One of many breathing treatments!
Nana and Papa came down from Birmingham!

He's just the sweetest Baby!

Let me start from the beginning... A week from this past Friday, Baylor started getting congested and got pretty bad fast so we took him in the following morning. His regular Pedi was off that Saturday morning so we saw another Dr. we were told our sweet boy had a double ear infection. I blogged about this a few posts back. He was put on Amoxi Drops and we thought he would start to get better pretty quickly after getting few doses in him. When we took him on that Saturday he was still laughing, "playing" as usual, and eating good.

On Sunday he started getting a little more fussy and we could tell he wasn't feeling that well. Monday we kept him home so he could rest and hopefully get to feeling better. Tuesday he seemed to be feeling better. The congestion was almost completely gone. That evening we noticed that he was getting rash on face. Mainly his right cheek and chin. He also had a little spot on his tummy. I called his doctor's office on Wednesday morning they told us to stop the meds for 24 hours and see if it got better. Well right at they 24 hour mark Wednesday evening he started coughing a lot and getting really congested again. I called his Doctor's office first thing Thursday morning. The first appt Dr. M had was at 2:45 that was fine because it wasn't an emergency. We just knew he needed to go back since it seemed like he was getting worse all of a sudden and after 4 days of meds you would think he would be better or at least almost better.

We got his appointment and we got called back pretty quick as always. I put our things down in the room and brought him back out to get weighed ( 15lb 4oz) and while we were out there a nurse who wasn't the one helping us walked over and just stood and watched him. She told the girl helping us to get an O2 Sat on him. Well I knew at that point it wasn't going to be a good appt. It took them about 30 mins to finally get a accurate reading it his O2 Sat was 95. Not horrible,but what you would expect for someone having respiratory problems. Dr. M came in shortly after and said he could hear him breathing from across the room. He unbuttoned Baylor's outfit pulled his shirt up and showed me how he was having to use his stomach muscles to breathe. I felt so bad for him. How did this happen so fast? So anyways, Dr. M decided to try a breathing treatment right then to see how he responded. That was the worst thing Baylor and I have experienced up to this point. Imagine me trying to hold him and holding the mask on his face while he is pulling the cord out, kicking, screaming, and seriously acting like he was going to die. Finally one of the tech's came in to help me hold him. Sigh... As soon as the 10 minute treatment was over and she walked out. I lost it. Dr. M came back in looked at Baylor and said well we didn't help you at all, did we? He then told me he was really sick and needed to be in the hospital. I knew it was coming so we waited and got all of his orders and Baylor's room number. Then Dr. M prayed with Baylor and I (he also prayed with us when he admitted him at 5 days old) and we were off to the house to meet Daddy and pack up some things and head to East. Jonathan usually goes to all of his appointments,but couldn't get away that day.

We were told when we left the office that Baylor would be getting an IV. I was very worried about it. The main reason was because he was acting like he felt fine laughing, smiling, and talking to Dr. M and the nurses during his appt. Well by the time we got to the hospital Dr. M had called and changed the order for him not to get an IV because he was to "happy." YAY! Dr. M said he was the happiest patient he has ever had to admit. Our Bay is such a trooper!
The hospital stay was very chaotic with Respiratory coming in every 2 hours for breathing treatments, us trying to get him to stay under the oxygen tent without him thinking it was a toy, then vital signs every 2 hours which weren't at the same time as the Respiratory Therapist were coming in. Jonathan stayed with us the 1st night and we both slept in the hospital bed. We did this when Baylor was admitted to Jackson's so it wasn't the first time. The second night we got a little more sleep which was nice. Baylor was discharged on treatments at home on Saturday afternoon. Dr. S who discharged him said if they kept him til he was better he could be there a week so when it gets to the point where we can do at home what the are doing there it's best for us to be at home in a more comfortable environment. Praise God! All the staff at East were so great to our sweet boy and Mommy and Daddy too.
We had lots of visitors and Baylor was spoiled with flowers, balloons, and gifts! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, called, texts, emailed, left messages on facebook, came to visit, sent flowers, and sent gifts. We are all so very thankful for each and every one of you!!!
We are also VERY thankful for Dr. Morrison. He has been great to Baylor and us. Dr. Morrison was Jonathan's Pediatrician until he was a teenager. Jonathan's family has known him for years. Jonathan's mom and and him went to school together in Birmingham growing up. We are very Blessed to have him as Baylor's Pediatrician.

This was a very crazy week... I never got to post on Wednesday,but it was the 1st anniversary of my Daddy's death. I sat down at the computer one time to do a post and just couldn't. To anyone who has lost a parent knows the pain me and my family right now. Please continue to pray for us.


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SO sorry honey- I had no idea he was in the hospital. I am glad he is home and feeling better. He is just precious!