Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 Months!

Baylor turned 15 months on Sunday. 15 months sounds so big to me for some reason.

Here are some things our sweet boy is up to:

-He loves to bark like a dog. He picked this up from Gin Gin's dog, Hank.

- He calls most animals dog, but sometimes will change it up to duck. He also knows what a cat is and will say it when he spots one.

-He has started saying Thanks. He has been saying thank you for several months and still does, but he likes to switch it up to thanks now.

-Vocabulary: side (outside), hey and waves, bye, dog, cat, duck, mama, dada, thank you, thanks, juice, no, there you go, uh-oh, Gi Gi (Gin Gin), Riley, Granna (not so easy to make out), dance, ball, movies,and I'm sure I'm missing more. He is a talker. We get told that often!

-When a group of people are laughing he starts laughing too. It's so cute! He has the sweetest laugh.

-He blows kisses, gives kisses with a Muah (DaDa said he got that from my kisses to him), waves bye bye, waves hey, claps his hands, dances (legs spread apart and rocks back and forth, stomps his feet really fast, and swings his arms side to side), and hands us things and says thank you.

-He is becoming more independent by the day: He tries to put his shoes and socks on while I'm doing his other foot, he wants to brush his own hair, he wants to hold his own open-face cup, and he wants to feed himself with a spoon all the time.

- He stills goes to bed around 6-6:30 every evening and sleeps til 6-6:30 in the mornings.

- One 2hr nap in the afternoon.

-Size 3 diapers

-12/18 Month clothes

-Good eater. LOVES all fruit!

Those are some Baylor fun facts! It's amazing how fast he's changing and how fast he picks up things. He's such a smart baby boy! We are very blessed that God chose us to be his parents!

15 Months and handsome!

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