Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Valentine!

Our little Valentine had a great heart day. He got spoiled by Mommy and Dada and got lots of goodies from his friends at Gin Gin's!

V-day goodies!

Good Morning, Valentine!

Checking everything out!

Red sandals for V-day!


Boo Bunny- this is exactly what he needed on Valentine's afternoon. He got a boo boo at Gin Gin's.

Opening his card from Granna!

Mama and Dada's card!

Mama's sweet Valentine!

Chasing Chloe and Hank! Notice the drool-he's cutting his first molar.

Gin Gin trying to get the babies ready for a group shot. Everyone except for Peyton and Land.

They missed their buddies Land and Petyon!

Sweet babies!

Baylor sitting on his girlfriend, Avery. She didn't mind one bit!

Opening his card from Granny and Papa (great-grandparents)!

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