Monday, February 28, 2011

Bless his heart...

Baylor has had an awful stomach virus since late Thursday evening. It started to slow down on Friday afternoon so we thought he was over the 24 hour bug, but we were proven wrong when he started to get sick again on late Saturday afternoon. We ended up taking him in to the ER on Sunday afternoon because were concerned he may be getting dehydrated and didn't think he needed to wait til Monday when his Ped office reopened. Thankfully he wasn't and they gave him a script for zofran. They also said his right ear was "red" and gave us a script for an antibiotic. I've got to be honest last time the ER told us he had and ear infection Dr. M told us at his follow up appointment that he did not believe his ear was ever infected. The same antibiotic that Dr. M put him on at his 15 month check up last Monday, for his congestion is what the ER doctor put him on. Now that he tummy seems to be doing better we will start it back. Finger's crossed we have had no diarrhea, vomiting, or fever today. Praying it continues that way. I can't tell you how many baths, loads of laundry, and times I've been vomited or had his messy diaper on me this week. It's all part of motherhood, but I would love my baby to be back to normal!

Poor baby wanted to be outside so bad this weekend. We thought he was getting over his bug.

Granna taking Baylor for a wagon ride!

Daddy and Bay in the ER


The Cobbs said...

So sorry, Jess!! You handle these things so well! Praying everyone stays well! Baylor is adorable!!!

lamarshall said...

That is terrible! Abby has a terrible stomach virus when Ethan was only about 3 weeks old! Luckily neither Ethan or myself got it..but we shared it with my parents, gma and other cousins! I thought we were bound to the ER but lucked out that time! Hope ya'll are getting better! He is such a cutie!!