Monday, September 29, 2008

A Busy Weekend!

Our babies Chloe and Hank checking things out!

Jonathan taking a break from putting in our irrigation system.

Riley and his PaPa riding the Golf Cart

Riley enjoying an afternoon in Crenshaw County!

On Saturday Jonathan and I went down to my grandparent's with my brother and our 2 nephews, Riley and Grayden. Jonathan and Tab had to work on the green fields while me and the boys spent some time with my grandparents and their great-grandparents. We had a fun day. Riley loved riding on the golf cart with his PaPa and Grayden loved swinging with his Granny.

On Sunday, Jonathan starting putting in our irrigation system. He worked for like 12 hours straight by himself. He was exhausted that evening. He came home tonight and almost finished up with Tab helping. I watched Grayden while they worked and my mom, Grayden's Granna stopped by to visit.

I thought since we did not have any "baby news" I would update you on some other things going on with us.

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