Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Day. Another Appointment.

On Friday morning I had another appointment at ART here in Montgomery. I was going in for an ultrasound, blood work, and post coital test. I had an u/s and b/w because I got my surge on my ovulation predictor test (OPK). Which means I was getting really close to Ovulating. They have you come in to make sure you have a good size follicle with hopefully a healthy mature egg in it. Getting ready to release. Everything looked good on the u/s. I had one big follicle that was 20mm and tons of smaller ones. They ran some b/w to make sure I had not already ovulated. I got those results late yesterday afternoon. I had not ovulated yet. This was good news. Now for the not so good news. As if there was any bad news left to tells us at this point. The post coital test did not come back good at all. This is the test where they ask Jonathan and I to make love in the morning and then come for them to get some samples from me to see if I am killing Jonathan's sperm. They check at 3 different levels. The highest being the most important because it is where the sperm have to make it in order to ever meet the egg. The only found 3 sperm at that point. Sarah the practitioner said she should have seen at least 20 at that level. We may do another post coital test next cycle if this one fails just to make sure, but our option would then be to go back to IUI if it has the same results as the test from yesterday. This means the "old fashioned" way may not be an option for us after this cycle.

I really thought everything would be fine with the post coital test, but I have learned every time I think everything is fine is when I am blind sided with some not so good news. I told Jonathan that 3 is not my lucky number. We had only 3 mature eggs, only 3 sperm living inside me. Oh well. We are not giving up on this month because it only takes one. I just thought I would give everyone a little update on our latest appointment. I do go back to ART next week to check my progesterone. This will just tell us how strong of an ovulation I had. I will update everyone on those results when I get them.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. War Eagle!

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