Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthing Class #1!!!

Before our Birthing Class. (25 weeks, 3 days)
Let me apologize for the pictures quality...

Tuesday evening Jonathan and I started our first Birthing Class. We will go every Tuesday from 6-8 for 5 weeks. We are taking it at our doctor's office. Mary Jane Waller is the wife of Dr. Waller and she is the one teaching the class. Mary Jane is a labor and delivery nurse and we already know she is going to be such a great teacher! She has so much energy to her and she is so funny!

We started our first class with a prayer led by Mary Jane. Then she gave us a little background on her and her sweet family. I'm lucky to enough have known this family for many years. Through her son who I went to school with and through her amazing husband Dr. Waller who my mom works for. As many of you know how wonderful of a doctor and man he is. He has been wonderful to my mom over the years and yet again just recently over the death of my father. After Mary Jane introduced herself it was our time to do the same. I think Jonathan counted 16 couple's in there Tuesday night.

After all the introductions were done we opened our booklets and went over our first lesson. We then watched a little video and then moved to the floor to practice our relaxation techniques. This is when 2 great things were instructed for the men to do! The first was she had all the husbands give all of us preggo's back massages for 15 minutes. She gave the daddys-to-be a homework assignment to continue to do that 3 time a week. Jonathan whispers to me you've been demoted. See I'm a very lucky woman that I get massages every night! Many of you may think this started when I got pregnant,but no he's been doing it for years now. Of course he asked Mary Jane if he could get that put in writing, massages only 3 times a week and he explained to her he did them every night. She told him he should bc if mama's not happy no one is! Okay so on to the 2nd thing that I want to give props to Mary Jane for doing is asking us to preggo's to cover our ears while she instructed the men to go out and buy their wives a gift to give to us once our baby's are here, and preferably something sparkly! Don't you love her already?!?

During the class at some point Jonathan will have to wear the empathy belly that 2 of the men were lucky enough to wear at our first class. Of course I will post Jonathan's belly pictures as soon as it's his turn!

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The Howell's said...

your class sounds more fun than ours!!