Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Daddy-to-Be Felt Baylor Kicks!!!

We are SO excited that Jonathan finally felt Baylor kick Monday night. Every time he is kicking away I tell Jonathan to feel my belly and he stops. It's like he hears us talking! This night I told him as soon as I get in bed and lay down put your hand on my belly and make sure your comfortable it may take a few minutes,but he will start kicking as he does every night when I get in bed. Sure enough about 2 minutes later he starts kicking and Jonathan felt him. It was so special for both of us. I'm glad that the daddy-to-be can feel a little of what I feel everyday. A sweet reminder of the beautiful miracle our God has blessed us with.

I want to ask everyone to please continue praying for our friends Ashley and Barrett as they are going through such a tough time dealing with the loss of their identical twin girls. They are such strong people and I know the Lord is going to get them through this.

I also would like to ask everyone to please pray for a sweet friend of mine, Courtney Allen and her family. Her dad passed away in his sleep last night. After losing my father just 4 short months ago I know the hard road that lies ahead for them. I still can't imagine the pain that comes from such a sudden loss with no warning. She is getting married next year and my heart breaks for her when I think about her father missing out on such a big moment in her life.

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The Cobbs said...

How exciting! I'm so glad daddy-to-be was finally able to feel Baby Baylor kick! I hope you wrote that down in your baby book! :) I'm praying for your friends today...