Saturday, October 16, 2010

Alabama National Fair!

Baylor had his first trip to the fair last night!! Jonathan, Baylor, and I met my brother, Meribeth, and the boys out there. The weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded which made for a great night! Baylor wasn't big enough to ride anything even the carousel which we were hoping we could at least get on. Oh well, next year he will get to ride all or most of the kiddie rides. We stopped in and watched a little bit of the circus, the bear show, and played some games. Jonathan and I both won Baylor a goldfish. I named them Mickey and Minnie, but we sent them home with our nephews which added to their five! Baylor also won a light-up sword which we lost shortly after putting in our stroller. The fair is just one more think we love about the month of October. We look forward to making many more memories there in the years to come!

Ready for the fair!

Mama and Bay playing the goldfish game!

Water-Duck Game!

First trip to the fair as a family of 3!

No... not tall enough!

The Blackwell Family!

Daddy and Bay in the petting zoo! Baylor was NOT a fan of the big animals.

Somebody is getting sleepy!
Too much fun!

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