Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Update!

We kicked off our week with a trip back to the Peds office, with Baylor. He's had diarrhea since last Thursday evening. I know, 5 days?! The first 3 days he had it he still ate, drank, and played like nothing was wrong. Then on Sunday woke up with not only diarrhea, but with a cough and runny nose. He was very fussy and clingy Sunday. He only wanted his Mama ( I'm OK with that). Then by noon on Monday he already had 5 dirty diapers. This was the most he had up to this point in one day. Obviously the pedialyte and bland diet we were doing weren't helping so we headed in to see Dr. M . Of course he confirmed our suspicions that he had a virus, he wasn't dehydrated which was our biggest concern, and said to continue what we were doing. We also found out our poor little guy's throat was really red and inflamed. He cultured his throat just to be safe it wasn't strep. No word today=good news!

I'm hoping we are on the uphill side of things now. Baylor has been such a trooper the last 6 days!

On to some happier news. Baylor has started saying Thank You, Duck, Waving with his hand and his arm, and blowing kisses! I sure do love this stage, but still wish our baby would slow down a little! We're getting closer and closer to his big First Birthday!!

Here are some updated pictures!


Margaret said...

Hope he feels better soon! Cope had it too! Its scary! And Baylor is seriously the best dressed little boy! I love all of his precious clothes!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Margaret!
I was just about to tell you how much I LOVE Simm's party supplies from G&T. I ordered Baylor's stuff from her too!!