Sunday, October 10, 2010


Friday we took Baylor to get fitted for his first pair of shoes! He's only wore shoes (robeez) one time and that was when it snowed here this earlier this year. He was so funny with them on. He kept trying to sling them off his feet. Then he refused to walk. I'm not going to make him wear them unless it's cool enough because I'm scared if I do he will never walk.

Enjoy the pictures!

How big is your foot, Baylor?!

Smart boy! He already figured out how to untie them!

First pair of shoes!

He measured a size 4, but they were a little big so we went with a 3 1/2 wide.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. My birthday was Friday so I will be blogging about the weekend we had celebrating soon!

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Laney said...

I love the new blog layout. You inspire me with your ability to update regularly.