Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good To Go!

I ended up back at ART Friday morning for baseline blood work (FSH-follicle stimulating hormone, LH-luteinizing hormone, and E2-estrogen) and a baseline ultrasound. All of my hormones were in normal range and my ultrasound looked good with at least 15 antral follicles on each ovary, no ovarian cysts, and a good uterine lining. All this means that my body is ready to start meds which I will do this Monday. Another perk of Letrazole (femara) other than a decrease in all the side effects is it cost under $5.00- Hallelujah!

If I don't have any problems next week my next appointment will be next Saturday morning at 8:15 in the Birmingham office. Yep that means we'll be up and on the road bright and early. The Montgomery office is closed on the weekends so if any of my monitoring days fall on the weekend we must head to Brookwood Hospital (main ART location).

That's it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this rainy weekend- relaxing somewhere!


Carrie said...

Jessica, Glad everything looks good so far. We used Dr. Inge out of Mobile for our treatments. Thankfully all my labwork and ultrasounds were done at my OB's office (unless on a w/e). It will be interesting to see if we need to go through that again with our next pregnancy! Baby Dust to you! ;)

Jessica said...

Thank you, Carrie! I had a consult with Dr. Inge several weeks ago and really liked him. The reason I ended up going with ART again is that I already had an appointment scheduled two days after I found out I was having a miscarriage. The timing just worked out well for us. We were really hoping and praying we wouldn't have to go through this again this time around. Everyone kept telling us they knew couple's that had trouble the first time around, but the second time it happend really fast. I had a feeling we weren't one of those couples- and my gut feeling was right. Trusting in the Lord's timing!