Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Great is Our God!

In the midst of our sadness yesterday was also such an exciting time for us. The long awaited arrival of a sweet little Miracle, Easton James Wagner! Lindsey and I have been friends since childhood and have continued our friendship through our school years, pledging Alpha Gam together, being in each other's weddings, and also going through infertility together.

If you ever gone through fertility struggles you come to realize that unless someone has gone through the same struggle - it's hard for them to relate. Thankfully the Lord brought Linds and I through our struggles at the same time. We talked, compared treatments and diagnosis', vented, cried, and rejoiced over the birth of Baylor and now the birth of Easton. Jonathan and I are so blessed to have the Wagner's in our life. We know we will all continue to be life-long friends along with buddies Easton and Bay!

Easton and his Proud Mommy!

Beautiful Miracle!

Love this little boy!

Us Mom's holding each other's boys!

Jonathan was just as excited as I was!

God Bless the Wagner family of 3. Their faithfulness to the Lord throughout these tough years has been an incredible example for other's to be led.

On a little side note- I would like to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to comment me on FB, message me, text, and pray for us during this time. As I mentioned last night I really struggled with knowing if coming out with something so personal was the right thing to do. After hearing from so many of you: those who have also suffered a miscarriage(s), those who are suffering from infertility and reminded me last night how much of an inspiration I was for opening up, and those that just wanted to pray for us -really helped confirm my decision to share our loss.

Tomorrow morning is my appointment with my Fertility Doctor from ART. I will try and post an update tomorrow evening. I'm returning to work tomorrow after being out a week. Please continue to pray for strength and comfort for me as I return to my "normal" schedule.

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