Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here We Go Again...

As promised here is a little recap from my 3 1/2 hour appointment with my fertility doctor from ART:

1. Physical Exam- Had not even crossed my mind that I would have to have an exam today, but I did. They took some samples for a few test and said everything looked and felt ok.

2. Meeting with the Doctor- She went over our previous treatments, tests, and surgeries. Then we we started to talk about trying to conceive this go around- trying for 9 months with 2 rounds of clomid and the last one being successful ending in a miscarriage.
- Her first recommendation was for us to switch from the Clomid to Letrazole (Femara). Her
reasoning was the minimal side effects of femara opposed to clomid (less hot flashes,
moodiness, thinning of the uterine lining, and another you don't want me to get in to on

-I will start it Cycle Day 5 of THIS cycle!! This made me one very happy girl, to hear we do not
have to wait to start trying again.

- I will go in anytime between CD 1 and CD 4 for some pre labs and ultrasound this will help
determine one BIG concern she has in regards to my eggs. Based on my history and the way
I responded to my IVF cycle there is a question regarding my eggs aging prematurely. I
seriously thought I was going to lose it when she said that today for the first time. On top of
possibility of them aging early- the quality may not be good of the eggs I am producing. Again
very scary for someone my age, but the good thing my age is on my side even if the results
aren't great. She asked today how many children we wanted and she thought our number was
perfect! :)

3. After meeting with Dr.H. I moved on to the lab for blood work. I will get those results tomorrow. The only two things being tested today was my thyroid and a pregnancy test to make sure my hormones have come back down. I will go back in later this week or next for more labs- fasting insulin, CBC, and CMP.

4.Then finally I met with nursing who went over my calendar and what days I need to come in and what to do on each cycle day- labs, ultrasound, meds, trigger shot, ovulation tests, progesterone, etc.

I hate Jonathan couldn't make the appointment. He was missed by the sweet ladies at ART. We are very pleased and ready to start trying again. Thank you again for all the prayers. They are being felt!

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