Monday, July 25, 2011


This sweet, handsome little man scared his Mommy to death tonight. I had just put him in his crib turned my back to get his blanket out of his glider and all I hear is bam. I turned around to see my sweet baby layed out on his back in the floor. I have no clue how he did it so fast, but my guess is that he wasn't trying to actually get out, but leaned over the front of his crib too far, lost his balance and there he went. Either way it is time for his toddler rail to go up. Over the past couple weeks he has tried stepping on his bumper to boost himself up, but I'm not so sure that is what happened tonight. I'm just glad I was right there to get him. I'm still shaken up by the whole. Bless his heart- it scared him too.


Margaret said...

So glad he was ok! cope did the same thing last week..except he just came walking into the kitchen while he was supposed to be asleep. he had crawled out of and down the side of his crib! I was so confused when he came walking in!

Jessica said...

These boys are something else. :) Glad Cope is ok. Is he still in his crib?