Saturday, August 30, 2008

Their Still Fighting!

We just got our 3rd and final update. All 3 embryo's are still fighting. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I was really worried about what today would bring. The embryologist called this morning. Usually I speak with one of the IVF nurses, but since it's Saturday they are not usually in. I did ask her about the grading system that the nurse went over with me the day before. She does not like to grade them a lot at this point because so much can change. She has been at ART for 20 years and she said anything can happen. The main thing is that keep dividing and that is what they are suppose to be doing. They do have a little fragmentation. Whether or not that plays a role in the final day or not we just don't know.

Please continue to pray for these 3 to continue dividing and to be healthy and strong.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan and I to have Strength and Peace during this time.

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