Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 Weeks!

Today I am 5 weeks pregnant. Already this week, the baby's heart begins to beat regularly; arm and leg buds appear; and the eyes, ears, and skeleton begin to form. The placenta and umbilical cord begin to function around this time, too.

Jonathan and I go Monday morning at 9:30 to recheck my blood work and to have our first ultrasound! We are really excited and nervous. We are praying that the ultrasound shows everything developing like it should. I will post that night and hopefully have a good picture to post too.

Now an update on my dad. He is still in the hospital. He got his PIC line put in yesterday. That is the line he will receive all of his chemo through. He is still very sick and weak. We need a team of prayer warriors right now. We need you to pray that he nutrition status increases. That he gets more of his strength back. Pray that his pain is taken away. We just ask that a miracle happens and he can take treatment and beat this horrible disease. We appreciate all your prayers.

Alright, I will "see" y'all on Monday!

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