Friday, June 19, 2009

The "B" stands for BAYLOR!!!

What is his name?!?! That is the question everyone is asking. The Answer is...

Thomas "Baylor" Cox

Thomas is my dad's first name. I think it is very appropriate to use his name after his passing 3 weeks after we found out we were pregnant. He was so excited for the two of us.

Baylor is a name I heard about 3-4 years ago and when Jonathan and I started trying to conceive we talked about names to pass the time. Baylor is one we loved years ago and still to this day is our #1 pick! We love it because it is different and cute! He will be able to grow into his name as he gets older.

I think some of you already figured our what the "B" stood for because you have heard me say this name throughout the past 2 years. It feels so good to finally tell everyone and to call him by his name!

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