Friday, November 20, 2009

Hospital Stay

Waiting to see Dr. M for my 1st Doctor's visit!

Not a happy boy!

Daddy and Baylor!

Waiting on Mommy and Daddy to pack our bags to head back to the hospital.

Mommy holding me before I had to go under my the lights!

It is so warm and comfy in here!

Getting my tan!

Daddy bottle feeding me for the first time!

Mommy and me at 6 days old!

Tired and ready to head home!

Leaving the hospital!

On Wednesday we took Baylor in for a Billirubin check because when we were discharged from the hospital on Sunday his level was a little elevated. Well our appointment did not go well at all. Baylor had dropped down to 5lbs 9oz. His birth weight was 6lbs 13oz and when we discharged it had dropped to 6lbs 5oz. Then his billirubin level was 26. They want it below 12. Dr. M thought it was best to go ahead and admit Baylor to Jackson's Hospital and go ahead knock this thing out rather than wait and try to do some things at home. I think my heart stopped when he first told us the news. I could not keep back the tears. Not only that he was being admitted,but I couldn't help but feel guilty for the weight loss because I am breastfeeding him. I also felt guilty for not knowing how "yellow" he had gotten and how much weight he lost. Dr. M explained to me that I had done nothing wrong which was exactly what I needed to hear. The good part about this thing if there is one is that we were able to stay with Baylor in a room at Jackson's. After a little talk and a prayer led by Dr. M we were off to pack some clothes and head to the hospital to start Baylor on double photo light therapy. Thankfully we were discharged Thursday evening shortly after 9pm. We head back in the morning (Saturday) for a billi check and weight check. We are praying for good news. I will post an update after our appt.

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lamarshall said...

Glad ya'll are home! He is just precious! I was BF Abby and she lost down about a pound & a was very hard and we had to start supplementing. It is so weird to look back at the first pictures of home to see how orange she was too. Hope ya'll are getting some rest :-) Congrats Again!!