Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daddy Goes Back to Work

Sleeping like an Angel! Daddy's first day back at work.

Bath Time!

So Sweet!

Taking a nap before the girls arrive!

Me with the Ladies! (Katie, Michelle, and Lindsey)
Michelle did my beautiful canvas' above my crib!

Passed out!

Long day!

Monday Jonathan headed back to work and it has just been me and Bay at home. We lucked out with it being a short work week for Daddy. He only had to work Monday-Wednesday. Things have not been to overwhelming at all which I'm very thankful for. Baylor's been doing a lot of sleeping, eating, pooping, and peeing. Other than that we had some sweet visitors yesterday. Katie, Lindsey, and Michelle came to visit and meet me. Well, Katie came to see him at the hospital right after he was born,but he was in the nursery getting his bath and his temperature regulated so she didn't get to hold him. Today we went for an afternoon walk which was nice. The weather has been to cool to get out this week until today.

I love every minute of being home with my sweet boy. I wish Daddy could do the same. We've missed him this week, but we've been taking lots of pictures to share and send to him.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating his first Thanksgiving very low key which I think will be nice. We are just going to do lunch with my mom, Tab, MB, the boys, and MB's mom. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We have SO much to be Thankful for this year!

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