Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

He is such a sweet boy!

Riley eating his Halloween goodies!

Making a mess!

Silly Grayden!

Riley getting telling everyone where to stand in line... he had no idea we were watching him!

On Friday afternoon my mom and I went up to HBC for Riley and Grayden's Halloween Parties. We could not believe when we got there how quiet all the kids were in both classes. You could tell they had just got up from their naps. They were eating when we got their and listening to music. My mom and I went back and forth to each room. We ended up taking the boys with us once they got done eating. They were wired a couple hours later!
On Halloween morning we headed over to my mom's to watch the Auburn game. What a GREAT game we had that day! Then we headed home and did not leave the rest of the day. I was EXHAUSTED. I had so many things I needed to do yesterday and today,but have not had any energy to do them. Since we did not head back out yesterday we missed the boys in their costumes :( Riley was a duck and Grayden was a Krazy Kid. They went to the fall festival at church then stopped by Granna's to get their Halloween Surprises she had for them. I know they had a great time and were full of candy!

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