Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baylor Update!

As many of you know I was admitted back to the hospital during my appointment last Tuesday morning for PIH (pregnancy-induced-hypertension). I was monitored in Labor and Delivery the first night and did a few tests to test for toxemia again. My blood work and 24 hour urine test came back normal again. We were relieved to find out that I still didn't have toxemia like Dr. D was thinking was starting up. They ended up sending me down to post partum until yesterday morning when I was finally discharged.

Dr. Dupre and I had a discussion about what to do next because my Blood Pressure's were going back and forth,but most of them were pretty good and my swelling was doing the same. Any type of stress would make it worse. We decided to go ahead and book an Induction for this Friday, November 13th at 5 am. I am going to see him in his office tomorrow, Wednesday for another BP check and NST (Non Stress Test), which is where they monitor me and Baylor. If I am looking better during that appointment we will hold off on the Induction until the following Saturday which is November 21st. I will go in next week for a check before then,but it will be with another Doctor. The reason we are saying it would be a scheduled induction the following Saturday is because his father is having surgery and will be out of town all week until then. He and I both really want him to be there for the delivery. I would not go beyond that point bc that 38 weeks is the maximum time recommended for a PIH patient. So that's it. As of right now we are preparing for a Friday Delivery. I think we are both still shocked,but are SO excited about meeting our sweet little angel, Baylor.

I will post an update after my appt tomorrow to let everyone know if the Induction date is changed til Saturday. Please continue to keep Baylor, Jonathan, and Me in your prayers!


Andrea said...

Well I am praying that everything goes well for you and your family, I know you can't wait to meet Baylor!!

-Andrea (Blog stalker :-) )

Heather said...

I'm SO excited for yall!! You will be holding Baylor before you know it!! I will keep you, Baylor, and the doctors in my prayers!! :) I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby boy!!

the powell family said...

I left a comment a couple of weeks ago. I was asking about using the ART program. I am so sorry I haven't emailed you, but I found out I am pregnant!! We are beyond shocked and excited!! Just wanted to share the news eventhough we don't know each other!

Erika said...

I can't belive 9 months is up already and your going to meet your little Baylor soon! So thrilled for you. Praying for you too. Good luck!

Courtney Cloud said...

I am so excited for you. I will be praying for you. Hope everything goes well. Thanks for allowing me to follow you on your journey.