Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baylor's First Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl!!!

Baylor's 1st Thanksgiving!

Our Little Turkey!

Sweet Boy!

Sleeping is what I do best!

Sleeping during our Thanksgiving Dinner!

Our 1st Thanksgiving as a Family of 3!

Mommy is Thankful for Baylor too!

Mommy's Boy!

Me and Baylor with his cousins (Grayden and Riley)!

Iron Bowl 2009

In my Bama gown after they won!

He woke up right when the game ended!

Sweet Cousins! Baylor's 1st Iron Bowl!

Thanksgiving this year was very low key. We went out to eat for lunch with my mom, my brother's family, and Meribeth's mom. After lunch we headed back over to their house to make gingerbread Christmas ornaments. Baylor pretty much slept through the whole day. Our new little family of 3 had a good day with everyone!

Friday morning we headed to Baylor's doctor appointment. He is now back up to his birth weight at 6lbs 13oz. He is bili level was below 5 which is great! We go back on December 14th for his one month check up. The good news is he is over his juandice and won't have to be stuck again next time. He will get his first round of immunizations his next visit after the 14th.

After his appt we headed over to my mom's to watch the Iron Bowl with her and my brother's family (minus Grayden). I'm really proud of our Tigers for how well they played against Bama. Baylor also slept through almost the whole Iron Bowl, but I bet next year he will be wide awake for it and maybe running around! WAR EAGLE!

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lamarshall said...

Abby has the same jam-jams as Baylor did for Turkey Day! He is just precious! Glad ya'll had a great thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for! Take care :-)