Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 Months!

I know I'm a little behind on blogging his 12 month post, but I've been just a "little" busy lately. Baylor had his 12 month check up on the 18th so here are his stats: Weight 21lb 7oz (30%), Height 30in (45%), and Head circumference 18 3/4 (80%). Dr. M was pleased with his stats and said he looks great. Minus a little eczema flair up. If any of you moms out there have any tips for eczema please share. We are using dove soap, eucerin lotion, baths every other day, and steroid cream. Is there anything else out there that helps? I'm sure we're in for a long winter of dry, itchy skin. Baylor got three shots at his visit. One was the flu shot which is not routine, but he's a candidate for it since he's had a history of breathing "problems" (asthma, RSV, bronchuolitis, who knows??). I think this was the most upset I've seen him get over shots. I felt so bad for my sweet baby. I'm glad that is over with!

Here are a few things our big boy is up to at 12 months:

He is drinking whole milk! We switched over the day before his birthday. We never did the half milk, half formula thing. We went right into it and he has done so well!

Walking... sometimes. He takes steps throughout the day and has been for a while now, but he still loves crawling. I think the two stomach viruses he had, one which he ended up in the hospital with really set him back. It's more of he can do it, but doesn't have the desire too. He'll do it when he's ready and we're (Dr. M and Mama and Daddy) OK with that!

He is a very strong-willed little boy. He lets us know when he's unhappy and when he wants something he can't have. I'm trying to tell myself being strong-willed and knowing what you want is a good things, right?!

He is the sweetest baby! He gives us kisses all the time. He also blows kisses and gives them to the babies at daycare. Such a sweet boy.

He's a talker. He constantly talking. His vocab consist of Mama, Dada, thank you, uh-oh, ba ba (bottle), bye-bye, duck, Ha (Hank), No, Huh, and I think he's been trying to say Granna since yesterday. It's a pretty hard one to say so I'm surprised. Other than these words he does a lot of chitter-chatter all day. Even his Mimi (sitter) says he's a talker there during the day.

He's riding face-forward in his car seat as of his Birthday and seems to really enjoy it.

He's wearing 12 months and some 18 months.

Some of his favorite things right now are: being outside, being around other children, being around Mama all.the.time (separation anxiety is setting in), playing ball (throwing and catching, yep he can catch), looking at his books, playing with his puzzles (thanks Emma), and just being out and about. He's such a ham and loves all the attention he gets!

Playing while waiting to see Dr. M!

I'll be back soon with our Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl post! WAR EAGLE!!

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