Monday, November 8, 2010

Not a good start...

to Baylor's birthday week. We kicked it off in the ER early Sunday morning. Baylor starting having vomiting and diarrhea on Thursday morning and it continued through the weekend. I took him in to see Dr. M on Saturday because I was really concerned about his increased fatigue. Of course when anyone has a stomach virus they sleep a lot, but he was taking 4-6 naps a day. He of course confirmed that it was another stomach virus (2nd one since we were there on the 25th). He wasn't dehydrated, but to keep a close watch on him. He told me some things to look for and told me to give him a call during the weekend if I thought he was getting worse. Well Sunday morning at 5:00 he woke up crying and as soon as I opened his bedroom door I knew what I smelt was not going to be pretty. He had gotten sick all in his bed and he was up to his chest in it. I put him in the tub immediately and he kept trying to lay face first under the water. That was it! I knew then that he needed to be seen. I called the after-hours nurse and we loaded up and headed to the ER. We ended up staying for 8 hours. Baylor got an IV, some zofran IV (my miracle pregnancy drug), flu test (which is horrible on a child), and had to get stuck again for blood (the first sample clotted). His lab work showed his BUN and CREA were a little low which was consistent with dehydration. Good thing we took him in when we did. I think with him losing all the fluid right before bed and first thing that morning did it. It was so much. The Doctor said that dehydration can happen very fast with children and diarrhea.

Baylor did well the rest of the night with no diarrhea or vomiting. You could just tell he doesn't feel all that well. This morning he seemed to be improving even more until I got him up from his nap and it was all over him, his sheets, lovie, and blanket. Ahh... please keep him in your prayers. He seems to be improving, but I hope he's well very soon! He has a big weekend ahead of him!

He wanted his Mommy to sleep with him!

We were shocked how well he did getting his IV.

Making sure I'm still there!

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Margaret said...

Oh Jessica! I'm so sorry that Baylor has been so sick! Poor baby! Definetly praying for him (and yall).hope he is completly healed soon and has a wonderful 1st birthday! I sure have enjoyed "getting to know him" thru your journey, pregnancy and his first year!