Thursday, November 11, 2010

B Update!

Whew what a week it's been! I think, fingers crossed that we are FINALLY getting over this virus. Baylor did have diarrhea this morning, but it was so much less than it has been. We took him to see Dr. M yesterday for his follow up and he also thought Baylor was improving. I'm hoping we can stay out of his office until next Thursday when we are scheduled for Baylor's 12 months wellness exam.

In the middle of Baylor being sick I woke up Tuesday morning sick. I had what I'm pretty sure is the worst headache to date for me. I also vomited three times. YUCK! Luckily my doctor called me in a Z-pack for the headache (sinus infection??) and I had some phenergan left over from my pregnancy. I think both of those combined with me not getting out of bed AT ALL that day helped in speedy recovery. Thanks Granna for taking care of B for me. It was very upsetting not being able to care for him myself. Thanks to Nana too who offered to come down yesterday and watch Baylor if I wasn't better. Jonathan and I are very blessed with families who do so much for us and we are very thankful for all of them!

Watching the door...

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