Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Post!

I can't believe we are just 11 days away from Baylor's First Birthday. I've done a lot of reminiscing on what was these few weeks were like this time last year. It's just amazing how much life changes the second you become a parent. It's unexplainable. I try not to forget how much the Lord has blessed Jonathan and I and our entire family with the precious baby boy.

I have a couple things I wanted to post about too...

Saturday would've been my sister's 30th Birthday. I never did a post on Saturday. Sometimes I get in a "funk" and would rather not talk about, think about it, blog about, etc. I sometimes lose focus on what I should think about and that is celebrating her life here on earth and how wonderful her life is with our everlasting father. Something I heard a few years back that has stuck with me is " you don't grieve for the loved one lost because they are fine. Your actually grieving for yourself (selfishly) because of the things your going to miss about them." I think that is so true. I know she is happy, free from all suffering, and that she wants us to be as well. Happy Birthday, Ashley! You will always be my hero!! Love and miss you always!

I also have a prayer request tonight. My mom is having a little procedure at Baptist South tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:00. Please pray that the procedure goes well, that questions are answered, and also pray for guidance for her cardiologist as she is in surgery. Thanks blog readers and try and post an update tomorrow evening!

What's a post without pictures?!

Our cute little turkey!

LOVE this face!

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