Friday, November 5, 2010

What would we have done without these??

I thought I would do a post on some great "baby items" that we got lots of use out of this first year. They are in no particular order...

Fisher Price, Little Lamb Bouncy!
We got lots of good use out of this seat when Baylor was a newborn. He was content sitting and sleeping in it. It came in handy when we were first dealing with his reflux. All you mommies to be out there. We give it a BIG thumbs up!

Sophie the Giraffe! Baylor got her as a gift when he was in the hospital for breathing problems back in April and she has the the BEST teether. Actually she is the ONLY teether he actually used as a teether (does that make since?!). He loves her and we take her everywhere with us.

Chicco Pac-N-Play!
This was Baylor's bed for the first 12 weeks (or maybe a little longer). We had this in our room waiting to bring our baby home. It has a changing table and a little organizer so we had everything we needed in our room for those late night diaper changes. It vibrates, plays music, and has a little night-light. We now use it as a regular play pen and we took it on all our beach trips this summer and Baylor napped and slept in it every night with a problem!
This 3 piece monitor is the reason we have been able to sleep well these last 11 1/2 months. The flat screen is on our nightstand and the handheld I use during the day when he is sleeping. We got this as a shower gift and wow what a great gift it has been!

Little Lamb infant swing! This was a big hit with our little man from the first day we brought him home until just a few months ago. I'll have to go back on previous posts,but I'm pretty sure he used it til he was around 6-7 months. It also came in handy with his reflux issues on those nights when he couldn't sleep lying flat.

Chicco Travel System! I must admit 2 things that I (we) had pretty much made our mind up on years before we knew we were expecting a little miracle were the name Baylor (family and friends knew for a while too) and this chicco travel system. Lame right?! We'll when your trying to conceive for years you have a lot of time to think, research, wish, dream about all things baby. Well this is one of them and it hasn't disappointed! I must admit it was an emotional day moving from our infant seat to our Britax.

Bear Mat! We actually got 2 (bear and giraffe)of these WONDERFUL, soft, and comfy mats as baby gifts. It was perfect when I needed to put Baylor down for a second. I could put him down on this mat with some toys and I knew he would be comfy. He still loves it to this day. He crawls as fast as he can up to it and plops down snuggling with it. It's so sweet. Who knew you could get such good use out of a cute little mat?!

Day gowns! I don't think there is anything sweeter than a baby in a gown, especially baby boys! Not only are they precious, but so easy for those middle of the night diaper changes.

Dr. Brown Bottles! Plain and simple, they were great! Several mommies recommended them to us and they did not disappoint.

Born Free Sippy! These are Baylor's favorite sippys. The aren't the cheapest, but totally worth it. If your trying to transition your baby from the bottle to a sippy and it's not going so great, give these a shot!

Praise Baby! This is no surprise if you've been reading my blog. Baylor and his Mommy both give these a HUGE thumbs up. They are my life saver in the mornings when I'm trying to get dressed for work. We will continue to add to this collection!

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