Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Baby Turns ONE!!

Baylor turned ONE year on Saturday! I honestly CANNOT believe it's been one whole year since the Lord blessed us with our incredible son. I don't think I could ever put in words the way our lives have changed since the moment we layed eyes on our sweet boy.

Dear Baby,

God blessed us in a way far beyond our desires, November 13, 2009. We love EVERY.SINGLE.THING. about you. Although I'm sad that your growing so fast, I look forward to seeing how much you change in the year ahead. I can only imagine it gets better each and every day. I love you, baby!!

We had a fun-filled day celebrating starting as soon he woke up Saturday morning. We kicked off the morning with balloons in his room, surprising him with his swing set, french toast with a candle and Mommy and Daddy sang happy birthday to him. After breakfast the 3 of us headed out back to jump in the bounce house. We had so much fun and he loved it. That afternoon we had his party. He had a great time seeing all the family and friends that came to celebrate. He has so many special people that love him. He was so spoiled by all of them! We ended the night with a number one sparkler out back before he hit the sack.

Time for pictures. I will do a picture post after this one. I took a lot so I thought I would split it in two blog posts. Enjoy!

This was the day after his Birthday!

Handsome Birthday Boy!

His birthday gift from Mama and Daddy!

Birthday Breakfast!

Playing in the bounce house in his pajamas!

Party favors!

Front door. We just the same bow we had on our mailbox when he was brought home from the hospital!

He LOVED his cake!!

Birthday gifts! Very blessed baby boy!

More pictures to come!!

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Margaret said...

Don't know how I missed this update..but I just saw it! What an incredible little boy! He is so precious and the party looked wonderful! Loved the favor tree-what a great idea! Congrats on a wonderful first year-it just gets better!