Monday, August 1, 2011

July Beach Trip!

We got back from the beach on Sunday afternoon. We had a great trip down with Papa, Aunt Tracey, Emma, and Aunt Tracey's friend, Julie. Nana wasn't able to make this trip down and she was missed. This is the first time in SEVERAL years that we have stayed in Panama City. Papa is able to get 2 of the company condos each year. We always stay in the Destin condo, but this is the first time staying in PC. The place was nice with a lot to do. Panama City has done a good job at trying to make the city a more family friendly area and it's definitely better than it was. I don't anything could ever come close to our Family of 3's favorite spot 30A or Destin. We ended up headed down to 30A 2 different times and of course had a wonderful time.

I share the rest of our trip through pictures- Warning! I've posted a lot. If you want to see the rest check out my FB page it is so much easier to post on there than here for some reason.

Emma loves holding Bay!

Not sure if the feeling is mutual?!

On Papa's back getting tickets for the train ride.

Choo Choo ride!

Handsome Beach Bum!


Waiting for dinner at the Back Porch in PC.

Yes, I was down there too. I'm usually behind the camera.

Mr. Independant!

He loved standing on the rocks and playing in the waterfalls. One perk this condo had a better/bigger pool area.

Shaved ice!

He enjoyed feeding the turtles that were outside our condo.

We did this several times.

Seaside! He wants in the cut-out every time we're down there.

Checking the water out in Seaside.

Golf Cart ride to the beach. Since our condo was across the street from the beach we had to use the transit. We were very thankful for it.

He decided that he wanted his puddle jumper on and he did not want us to help him at all. He swam around kicking his legs have a good time. Big Boy!

My Beach Boys!

Checking out the view from lunch at the resort's Bar and Grill!

We made a trip down to WaterColor to let him pick out a new Thomas the Train. This has become a tradition on our beach trips.

He always wants to hop on this elephant too.

Ice Cream at Heavenly in Seaside- a must stop every trip!

Outside Bud and Alley's petting Jake. I've got pictures of him for several years back. Such a sweet old man. Some of the employee's said he's about 12 years old. Living the Good Life- no doubt!

Looking at the Wa Wa!

Playing outside Angelo's Steakhouse

Family picture at dinner.

Crabbing for the first time.

He loved playing with the phone. This conversation consisted of " Hey! Choo Choo, NO."

Now we're back home getting back in our routine which includes sleeping in a toddler bed. Post to come that soon. Can't believe summer will be over soon. Our family of 3 and my Mama are heading down to Seaside to enjoy a long Labor Day Weekend to end the summer off right.

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