Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21 Months

In 3 short months my sweet boy will be 2 years old!! This age is so much fun, but at the same time I hate how fast time passes. He is still the sweetest, cutest, funniest little boy I've ever put my eyes on.

Here are some things Bay is up to:

It's been a week and a half since we converted his crib in to a toddler crib and his is not adjusting well. We think he may be having nightmares and wakes up screaming every night. It breaks our heart to see him like that. If any of you have any tips please send them my way.

Any time it's time to get out of the car. He HAS to sit up front for a minute. Of course if he's in the driver's seat he wants these keys and will ask for them.

He is going through the bashful stage. He use to not mind strangers coming up to him now a lot of times he just puts his head down, finger's in mouth, or even covers his face with his hands.

When we see babies he says "Baby" and when he see's toddler or children a little older he also calls them baby. HAHA

He can count to 4! He counts to 2 all the time and go... 1,2, GO! He gets that from his daily races with his buddies at Gin Gin's.

He names the animal noises when you call them out which is done for a while now, but his pig sound is seriously one of the cutest sounds I've ever heard. Oh and I also ask him "What does Baylor say?" his response is Mama- yep I taught him that!

When we ask if him if he's ready for be he will crawl up to one of our pillows lay his head down and starts snoring. He is so funny!

He has been calling Chloe ( Clo Clo) "KeKe." It cracks me up when I hear him say it.

He weighed 26.8lb as his doctor appointment last week. It was another sick visit- viral with ulcers on the throat, but he's doing just fine now.

I use to carry Baylor in every morning to Gin Gin's now he likes to walk up the driveway and in her house by himself.

He knows a few of our "regular" stops and voices them. Target he says "Ball" before we even drive up past them. Storkland/The Name Dropper he says "Choo Choo" when he pass by it and he gets upset if we don't stop. Granna's he knows before we pull up where we are and starts kicking his legs saying "Granna" and a bunch of other stuff we're not sure he's saying.

There are some of the cute things he's doing these days. It's amazing how fast they change and learn things. I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of him down at my Grandparent's (Bay's Great- Granny and Great- Papa's land last weekend.

Watching the fish eat after DaDa feed them!

It's so peaceful down there!

Cabin my Paw Paw built.

Look DaDa!

Riding the golf cart. He ran back and forth between the two golf carts. He would jump on and say "I ride."

Sweet boy with rosie cheeks!

This one I just thought was sweet so I posted it too. DaDa and Bay napping after church!


Margaret said...

I can't believe he's about to be 2! How funny is he-I like stopping at Target and Storkland too-and Dru is usually the one crying :-)..Baylor is precious!!

The Olives said...

He is SO cute, Jessica!! I can't believe that he weighs more than H. H weighs only around 24 lbs!!!