Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toddler Bed!

Sunday evening when we returned home from the beach we (Jonathan) converted Bay's bed to a toddler bed due to the "incident" that happened before we left. I'll be honest we were very concerned about how we were going to get him to stay in bed now that we were making it so easy for him to get out. Here is how the first night went. We put him down around his normal bedtime and less than 5 minutes later I hear his door knob turn he walks out and heads right into his playroom. We then decided to wait until he was asleep to put him back in there. This called for a much later bedtime. What child wouldn't want to hang out in Mommy and Daddy's bed as long as they could before just passing out because they couldn't fight it anymore?! Baylor! After he was good and asleep we put him back in there with a child- proofed door knob and never heard a peep out of him the rest of the night. Jonathan had to wake him up the next morning which isn't a new thing, but he stood up and held his arms up. I guess he completely forgot that he had easy exit right there in front of him.

The next 3 nights we decided to let him fall asleep and put him in his bed. Again he's been going to bed much later now. He did great! Last night we decided to try putting him bed awake to see how he does. A few minutes pass and he flips his bedroom light on with the help of his pottery barn chair. Then we hear him going through his drawers. Daddy gets in there first to find him trying to put his Thomas undies on over his jammies- HA! He had one leg in and was getting ready to work on the other. He cracks us up. I wish I had taken a picture, but didn't get to it in time.

I guess the good thing is he's not screaming or crying not wanting to be in bed alone. It's just he has a lot more things now that he could be doing rather than sleeping, so he get's up and does them. I'm really hoping we get to the point where we can put him down while he's awake and if he gets up for a few minutes will climb back up there when he gets tired enough. I guess this problem is a much better problem to have than one sleeping in our bed. I have friends that are trying to break that habit now and I've heard it's VERY difficult.

If anyone has any tips on helping him adjust to toddler bed please pass them along! We definitely were not expecting to have him in a toddler bed so soon.He's growing up so much faster than his Mommy and Daddy want him too.

Couple last pictures of Baylor in his crib!

He has his tool in hand ready to help Daddy get to work.

I'm free!

Thinking about all the fun he's going to have pulling everything out of his closet and drawers.

Toddler Bed!

Trying it out.

Sleeping tight.

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