Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Resting after the insemination
Waiting for my ultrasound after our IUI

The instruments used for an IUI.

The exam room I'm in every week.

Waiting to have our IUI!

Well, this morning was our IUI. Jonathan had to be at the clinic at 9:00 for his part and our IUI was at 10:00. Everything went smoothly during the insemination. They had me lay down for about 30 minutes after. Then they came in and did my normal post IUI ultrasound to see if my eggs were already released or if they were in the process of it. Jonathan missed the ultrasound today. He had to head back to work so he missed what happened next. My ultrasound showed I had not released my eggs. This is what our previous IUI cycles showed, but this time was a little different. Right before you start to Ovulate you start to get fluid around the follicles. I only had a small amount of fluid today and it was in an odd area Sarah said. We are hoping that my ovulation is just going a little slow, but there is a possibility my IUI was done a little too early.

Sarah has asked me to come back in the morning for a collapse ultrasound and blood work to see if ovulation has started. If we are still in the same place she said they will probably offer us another insemination for better timing. This is fine for both of us. This is already a little different than our previous IUI's so maybe this is good luck in some strange way. We just don't know if they want to pay for this 2nd IUI. Hopefully not!

Other than that little suprise. The ultrasound showed 1 mature follicle on each ovary. I really hope both made it to maturity and contain an egg. The more eggs you have the better chances you have. I will do a post tomorrow as soon as I get a chance.


six, maybe seven BUT whos COUNTING said...

WOW! I am SO glad to see that you are blogging about your life right now, my husband and I looking to stat IVF in the begining of 2009. I am so scared. The meds LOOK so intimidating! I hope that you dont find me rude... since we dont know each other my commenting on your life. I was just really glad to be able to read a bit more than they tell you on the websites!

Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Infertile Friend said...

We see that room way too much! Don't you love Sarah though! I'll be praying for you!

Shay @ Under the Pecan Tree said...

Hey Jessica! I ran across your blog today. You and Jonathan are in my thoughts and prayers.