Friday, May 15, 2009

11 Weeks!

My Mother's Day present. Boppy Pregnany Pillow!


Uncle Tab even helped!

The final product minus baskets, clothes, shoes, and toys!

Baby Cox's first outfit!

A closer peek:)

Me and the Daddy-to-Be!

Some of the girls!

Courtney with her some of her Bridesmaids!

I know I'm a day ahead of myself, but Jonathan and I have such a busy weekend I thought I mine as well go ahead and update our blog now why I have a chance. Tonight we had a couple's shower for one of my Best Friends Courtney Parrish and Turner Faulkner. I am in their wedding in July and could not be happier for the two of them. Tomorrow I have to work til noon. Then we have a Couple's Baby Shower for Lauren and Jeremy Vinson. They are having their first child a little boy, Hubb (so cute) in July. We are so excited that Baby Cox will be able to grow up with Hubb. We also having a wedding to attend tomorrow night. Then on Sunday we are suppose to go to a Graduation Ceremony. Busy, Busy, Busy. This time of the year seems to always be like that. I enjoy being able to see good friends at all of these fun events.

Okay now for a quick update on what Baby Cox has been up to. Now 2 inches long, the baby weighs around 1/3 of an ounce. Under paper-thin and transparent skin, the skeleton is starting to harden as bone replaces cartilage. Little tooth buds are forming under the gums (though the first tooth won't appear until 4 to 7 months old). The baby's external genitalia are also developing. Kicks, stretches, and other movements continue to increase. Baby Cox might also experience bouts of hiccups, which make his/her body entire body bounce even though I can't feel it.

Jonathan and I are getting more and more excited as we near the end of our first trimester. We actually bought Baby Cox his/her first outfit! I was a little nervous about it, but it was cute, gender neutral, and on sale. We got a little Christmas day gown from Name Dropper. It is hard to find cute gender neutral stuff and of course since the Baby is due at the beginning of December I thought a Christmas day gown would be perfect! Another thing that Jonathan and I did, well mostly Jonathan did was a put a closet organizer up in Baby Cox's room. The baby's room unfortunately has the smallest closet in the whole house so we needed a way to make room for more stuff. Of course we will probably use the closet in our office too. I think we both enjoy doing these type of things. It makes everything more seem more real.

I got my progesterone level back from my appt. on Monday. It dropped to 28 or 29. My memory doesn't seem to be that great lately:) I am still taking the progesterone support, but called in a order to my speciality pharmacy for the type I use to take to see if that has something to do with it. The Dr. was not worried at all. I'm just use to ART wanting it higher and also getting same day results. Dr. Dupre wants me to stop in on day this week and have it rechecked. Our plan is to completely stop it next Saturday! They will check it again that following Monday to see how it does once the placenta has taken over. Other than that this will be the first week we have not seen Baby Cox since I was 5 weeks along. We are both looking forward to seeing how much he/she has grown a week from this Tuesday.

I need to get in bed and get some rest for the rest of our busy weekend. I will leave you with some pictures. Enjoy!

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