Saturday, May 23, 2009

12 Weeks!

Today I start the last week of my first trimester! I can't tell you how excited both Jonathan and I are. I'm looking forward to a burst of energy sometime around week 16, hopefully a not so yucky tummy, and finding out the gender of Baby Cox, planning the nursery, and a lot more this trimester. We have so much to look forward to and I can't wait.

My baby journal says that the baby is 2 1/2 inches with a face that's starting to organize itself into that of a newborn. The intestines, which grew so fast that they spilled into the umbilical cord, now retreat back into the abdominal cavity. Also, around this time, the kidneys start excreting urine. As the nervous system continues to develop, Baby Cox is demonstrating more reflexes, including sucking.
I'm feeling okay. I have eaten a little more today. I have got sick a couple of times, felt very nausea, and very lightheaded. I still think I'm having a little improvement. I stopped my progesterone today so I'm hoping I continue to feel better each and every day.
Well we have decided to take it easy this weekend. Jonathan has been helping my brother paint my mom's house before she gets new floors put in on Tuesday due to the flood. She did not have water come in from the ground, but their back porch collapsed messing up the roof which caused rain to run down the walls and mess up her floors along with her computer that was on the same wall. It was a lot of damage and she is very lucky because insurance is paying for everything since it was not considered flood damage. She's had a lot going on, but at least she getting lots of updates and staying busy.
I'm about to go try find a good movie to watch. Have a good Memorial day weekend and I will "see" you Tuesday after our ultrasound!

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