Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Growing Baby and Saying Goodbye!

Baby Cox with the marker. The head is on the right side if you can't tell:)

Baby Cox at 9 Weeks 4 Days. (Measuring 10 weeks, 2 days)

Me with the Wonderful Ladies at ART (Montgomery Office)

Jonathan and I with Dr. Houserman!

Jonathan and I had our last appt at ART today. Well, I will go in one more time at 12 weeks for blood work so technically today was it for us. Anyways, today's appt was GREAT. Baby Cox is growing so fast. It truly amazes us every week. Today Sarah pressed on my tummy to get Baby Cox going and it worked. He/She was kicking and punching it's arms and legs. I love seeing the baby move. I could lay there all day and watch it. We could see the arms, legs, eye sockets, ears, the cord, and the heart flickering away. Baby Cox was measuring 10 Weeks and 2 Days. I am 9 weeks and 4 days. At some point my due date might be pushed up a little to match the baby's growth if the ultrasounds continue to show the baby measuring ahead. My progesterone still looks great at 49.2. Oh and the best news of the day is I'm done with my progesterone injections!!! I'm so excited. Don't get me wrong shots don't bother me at all, but having to do IM (In the Muscle) shots going back and forth on each hip for 6 weeks starts to get a little sore. The progesterone is mixed in oil so it is really thick and sometimes it will just sit under the skin in one place for days. So to say the least I'm happy! I will continue to take my other progesterone support until I'm 12 weeks. Then I go in to ART to recheck my level if it's good I will stop that progesterone then. The placenta usually starts to take over between 10-12 weeks so hopefully will be just fine. We got to see Dr. Houserman today which was exciting. It was our first time seeing her since we found at we were expecting. She said everything looks great!

Now we are getting ready for our first OB appt on Monday. We are both really excited about hearing the heartbeat. I'm hoping Dr. Dupre lets me have a ultrasound too. If I don't get one then I should get one in a couple of weeks. We are going to miss seeing Baby Cox every week, but hopefully I can still get them pretty often. My mom works at OBGYN so my fingers are crossed:)

I'm happy to say I'm feeling a lot better. Still taking my meds which I will continue to take for I don't know how long. I'm to afraid to stop them. I also think I popped a little today. My pants are get a little more snug and Jonathan and I can both tell my tummy is really starting to grow a little.

I think that is all the updates I have for now. Have a good rest of the week and weekend! I hope enjoy the pictures. We could not get one with the baby stretching it's arms and legs. Maybe next time. You can really tell how big he/she is when the baby is stretched.

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Heather said...

I love the pictures of sweet baby Cox- so cute!! I know it must have been a wonderful moment to see him/her moving all around! Just wait until you hear the heartbeat!