Friday, October 9, 2009

27th Birthday!

My Pretty Flowers from my Office!

Me (8 mos preggo) and my sick Hubby!


Tab and Meribeth!

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th Birthday. Wow- that is weird to say! I had a good day. My office sent me a pretty fall arrangement which I thought was so sweet of them. Last night me and Jonathan went to dinner with my mom, Tab, Meribeth, Riley, and Grayden. This was the first Birthday without my daddy and his absence along with my sister's was felt. You don't realize the small things that change when you lose a loved one. I think one in particular yesterday was when I read my Birthday card from my mom. I'm so use to seeing We Love You Mama and Daddy. Now it just says Mama. The little things like that is a reminder of the great loss we now have in our lives. I miss them both so much.

My Birthday next year is going to be so different because our sweet boy will be here to celebrate with me and I can't wait!

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Erika said...

Happy happy birthday!!! I know how you feel about missing your dad! I wish I could promise it gets easier... Somehow we're supposed to keep going. It's so hard but I hope your able to still enjoy your birthday!