Saturday, October 10, 2009

32 Weeks!!!

Your baby has probably gained a half pound in the last week alone, for a total of around 4 pounds. The skin looks smoother and less red while growing and filling out. Along with storing some fat, he is building up a good supply of protein, calcium, iron, and other nutrients.

Now for my update- I am having more and more contractions. They are getting more intense and frequent. I think my belly has grown a lot just over the last week. I guess I'm going to really notice my belly changing fast now. I'm still pretty fatigue, but have had a tendency to want to nest some this week. I think that is all I'm really noticing right now.

I go back to see Dr. D for my OB appt on Tuesday morning. I think it is one of my last 2, 2 week appts and then I start going weekly and he will start checking me!

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