Tuesday, October 13, 2009

32 Week OB Appointment!

Today Jonathan and I headed back to the doctor for my 32 Week appt. The first thing we talked about was my urinary issues. I've been hurting again and it turns out my urinalysis showed a lot of blood in my urine. They are going to send out ANOTHER culture to see if I have another infection. I'm pretty sure I do. I just took a round of meds 2 weeks ago for the same thing so I know what a UTI feels like. The blood may be caused by Baylor sitting on bladder (more on that in a minute.) I have interstitial cystitis which I was diagnosed with several years ago. It's a lot of inflammation around the bladder so this could be acting up due to the pressure on my bladder and making it bleed more. I should have the results of my culture at the end of the week or next Monday. For now I'm going to go ahead and start taking another urinary med every night.

The next thing we discussed were my contractions. These have become more frequent and painful. Dr. D said they could be worse if I have another UTI. I have also started having a little pressure so he thought it was a good idea for him to go ahead and check me. They usually don't begin to check to see if your dilated until your first 1 week appt at 36 weeks,but he wanted to make sure my contractions were not making me dilate early. The good news is I have not dilated, but Baylor has already dropped! We were all pretty surprised this happend so early. He said if it wasn't my first pregnancy he wouldn't be as surprised. He will continue to check me from now on. Jonathan asked if this meant Baylor might be arriving early and he said it's puts me at a higher risk, but he doesn't think it will happen right away. He just said eventually when you have a brick sitting on Styrofoam it eventually gets weaker and weaker and that is what happens to the cervix. With Baylor already so low he could be causing my bladder to bleed more and making my urinary problems worse. He said I could try one of the pregnancy belts to try and support my belly since it's so low now,but he thinks that will backfire putting more pressure on my bladder and to get off my feet. I never expected going in there today to 1. get checked 2. find out Baylor has already dropped 3. be told it's probably best to go ahead and get off my feet (he did not say strict bedrest.)

The rest of the appt was pretty boring. BP was a little higher 141/74 (top number was elevated), but the nurse said it could have been bc we were talking. I gained 2 lbs which puts me at 13 lbs total. I think that is about it. I will now have a weekly doctor report.

Now it's time to get everything done before Baylor arrives!


the powell family said...

I am sort of a blog stalker!! But I follow your blog off of Summer Kyser's. I have being reading your blogs about infertility. I wanted to ask you if you went to ART. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility and are being refered to ART out of Birmingham. If you have any advise and information. I would greatky appreciate it. Oh and CONGRATS on your little bundle. Hope to hear from you soon. Ashley

Jessica said...

Ashley! We did go to ART in Birmingham. We used Dr. Houserman, but Dr. Allemand did our Egg Retrieval and Dr. Honea did our Embryo transfer for our IVF cycle. All the doctors and staff in their B'ham office and Montgomery office are WONDERFUL.

Email me if you ever have any questions. My email is