Sunday, October 25, 2009

34 Weeks!!!

I'm running a little behind on my weekly pregnancy update, but I've been dragging around here! Here is what my baby journal says is going on with Baylor this week-

Your baby isn't ready for a formal debut: most measure just over 17 inches and weigh under 5 pounds. But survival rates for preemies at this stage are good, largely because the lungs are now more developed and in rehearsal for breathing outside the womb. Combined with the strengths of modern prenatal care, babies born too soon but who have made it this far can usually beat the odds and grow to live healthy normal lives.

The fingernails and toenails that are growing can be long enough at birth that you'll need to put little mittens and booties on your baby's hands and feet to prevent him from scratching himself.

As for how I'm feeling at 34 weeks:
-I usually fall asleep around 10 pm and I'm back up around 1-1:30 am. I then go back to sleep around 3-5:00 am. I guess my body is just preparing me for motherhood!

-My belly button is still really shallow, but some evenings the top half of it pops out.

-My belly seems to be growing really fast these days.

-Baylor is still really low sitting on my bladder. It hurts to walk at times from all the pressure down there.

-I am still on a chocolate milk/regular milk kick.

-I get in frequent nesting moods. I just wish I had the energy and permission (Dr. D) to finish once I start.

-I am still having frequent contractions. Some which are uncomfortable and a lot that are not.

That's an update on how I'm "feeling" right now. I must say that even though there are rough days in pregnancy I absolutely LOVE every minute of carrying our sweet boy. I'm so ready for him to be here (when it's time), but I already think about how I'm going to miss feeling him in belly.

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