Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Shower Take 3!!!

Precious Cake!

Opening presents!

Adorable hooded towel set!

Baylor's Bama carseat/stroller toy and bib!

Baylor's soft bear mat!

Today some of the women at OB/GYN Associates where my mom works (and Dr. D) threw me a little Baby Shower at Ixtapa. I had so much fun. These ladies are always so thoughtful. They did the same thing for me when Jonathan and I were getting married. We had some good food, cake, and we got a lot of nice gifts. I don't have as many pictures as I usually do but some of our gifts were, 2 sets of the 3 Martha's hooded towel sets, Sterling Silver Engraved Pacifier Clip, Dr. Brown Bottles, Bath Tub, Drying Station, Crib Light, Bama car seat/stroller toy and bib (Jonathan of course loved these two things), soft Bear Mat, Auburn outfit, and some more fun things. Thank you to all the ladies who came and made today so special.

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