Friday, October 2, 2009

31 Weeks!!!

At 31 weeks your baby is putting on weight more rapidly now- up to 3-1/2 pounds, or roughly half of the average birth weight! This gaining trend will last several weeks. Some of this weight is in the form of protective baby fat, which keeps body temperature warm after birth and makes the limbs noticeably plumper. Another consequence of this growth is that space becomes even more scarce, so your baby pulls the limbs closer to the torso in a curl that's known as the "fetal position."

Milestone: Around this time, your baby can start using little neck muscles to turn his head from one side to the other.

As for me I'm starting to have more and more braxton hicks contractions. At times they are uncomfortable, but I know they are nothing like what they will feel like when I'm in labor. I've been very tired this week too. I can't get enough sleep. I've had several people tell me the closer it gets my body is going to need more and more sleep/rest.

So that's my 31 week update. I hope everyone has a great weekend! We're getting ready to kick of my Birthday Week (or Month!)- I use that line a lot to Jonathan when my Birthday is coming up, HA! Tracey and Emma are coming in town on Sunday to take me out for a early Birthday Dinner and we are both so excited to see the two of them. I LOVE this time of the year for so many reasons: My Birthday, cooler weather, the Fair, all of the fall scents, Football, Holiday Market and all the other Fall Festivals that happen, and now it's the season of Baylor's arrival!

War Eagle!!!

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