Sunday, January 3, 2010

7 Weeks!

Baylor turned 7 weeks old on Friday. I still can't believe he will be 2 months old at the end of this week. Time is passing by way to fast!

What is Baylor up to?!

- I drink about 4 oz most of my feedings, but sometimes I will want an extra ounce!
-I usually sleep 1 hour for every ounce I drink, but at night I can sometimes go 6 or 7 hours straight sleeping.
-I've had an upset tummy lately. Mommy and Daddy had to start supplementing me with formula when I was hospitalized for juandice and weight loss at 5 days old. Ever since then, they have been trying to find the best formula for me which hasn't been easy.
-I still love to nurse.
-I love my paci. When my tummy is upset I really like it. It really seems to soothe me!
-I have started to coo and make sweet little sounds.
-I'm also smiling more!
-I love listening to my silly cousins, Riley and Grayden run around and play.
-My hair is starting to grow back in the front of my head where it fell out. It still looks dark.
-Mommy and Daddy think I'm getting so long.
-They can tell I've finally put some weight on. Mostly in my cheeks and now my belly.
-I really like to sleep on my tummy while laying on Mommy or Daddy's tummy. Especially when mine hurts.
-I try to lift my head a lot and I'm pretty good at it.
-I can still wear my few little premie gowns that I have, my newborn clothes, and my newborn diapers. I've only outgrown one sleeper bc my legs and arms grew so much.
-My cry is still really soft. Mommy and Daddy thought for sure it would get louder,but so far I'm a pretty quiet baby.
-If I fall asleep while Mommy or Daddy or holding me I will often peak out of one eye to make sure they are still there.
-I follow Mommy and Daddy with my eyes when they are walking around. I like to know where they are at all times.
-I napped in my crib for the first time a couple weeks ago. I'm going to move in there when my reflux and tummy issues get better,but for now I'm enjoying being in Mommy and Daddy's room.

I think that is all the Baylor updates I have for now! I'll be back to update soon!


TJ and Amy Garrigan said...

Thanks Jessica! Your sweet Baylor is precious. I love your new years pics and can't wait to one say have a little one myself. It looks like such the blessing. His newborn pics are incredible!

WoodardFamily said...

He is just precious!! Love the pics! Amelia has reflux too- It is not fun!