Thursday, January 21, 2010


Daycare Morning #1

Day 2!
Day #3

Sleeping while Mommy gets dressed!

We survived! I knew it was going to be very hard to leave my sweet baby and it was. Not only was I leaving him for the first time, but I was leaving him ALL day. The tears started before I even left the house that morning and it only got worse. All I could do was pray. Pray for Baylor's safety, Pray for his health, Pray for his happiness, Pray for myself to make it, and Pray for Mrs. "B" who is keeping him. The only thing that got me through the day was knowing that even though I wasn't with him, the Lord was.

I ended up leaving work around 3:15 to go pick him up a little early and I couldn't get there fast enough. I knew he was doing fine since I talked to Mrs. "B" while I was at work, but I just wanted to see him, kiss him, smell him, and hold him. I think seeing your baby after you've been working all day is the BEST feeling any mother can feel each day. He has been worn out every afternoon when I pick him. The first night he slept from the time I picked him up til 7:00.
We've been very pleased with the choice we made regarding childcare and have felt very comfortable leaving him each day. This has made the whole process a little better. I think the hardest part other than leaving my baby, is how exhausted I am in the evenings. I wish I could be full of energy in the evenings since I'm away from him all day. I just don't want to miss out on anything. I love every second of being a mom. Even getting up at 4am just to be able to spend some quality time with my sweet boy. I'll take it anytime- day or night!

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