Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Months!!!

Smiling at 2 Months old!

Waiting to get my shots!

Baylor turned 2 months old yesterday (Thursday). We took him in for his checkup this morning and he had a good visit. His stats-Weight 10lb 4oz (20%), Height 23in (55%), and Head Circumference 15 3/4 (50%). Dr. M said he's a long baby. Reflux update- we all seem to agree Baylor is doing a little better than he was last week. We are going to continue to give him the prevacid and hopefully he will keep getting better. Most babies have reflux til their about 8 mos old so we know it won't go away,but hopefully we can atleast control it and keep Bay comfortable. The worst part of the appointmen was when Baylor got his first vaccines. 3 of them! He did a lot better than Mommy and Daddy expected. The first one he cried for like 2 seconds then he was fine. The nurse asked him "if that was it?" The other 2 upset him a little more but her recovered quickly. Then he had an oral med to take which he of course loved. He goes back in 2 months for next set of vaccines. It will be a nice little break since we've been in a good bit since he was born.

What is Baylor up to?!
I'm a thumb sucker. I love sleeping in my crib. Mommy saw me chuckle for the first time the other day when she came in the room to get me. I'm still eating 4 oz, but sometimes I want an extra oz. I started wearing size 1 diapers the other day and the swallow me (we might have to go back to NB for a little while longer). I love my baths now. At first it was a love/hate relationship, but now I love them. I still love my swing and bouncy. I'm enjoying tummy-time a little more each day. I can hold my head up pretty good.