Monday, January 4, 2010

Doctor's Visit!

You can see my hair coming back in where it fell out on top!

Sweet, Sweet Baby!

I LOVE to ride!
Getting ready to go see Dr. M!

Daddy and Me after my appointment!

We took Baylor in to see Dr. M today. His spitting up just wasn't getting any better, his tummy seems to bother him a lot, and he had a little rash on his tummy and chest. Dr. M seems to think that the spitting up is still being caused by his reflux so we changed his reflux meds. We have switched formula's a few times so he said not to worry about changing it again because it obviously isn't making a difference when we switch. We think his tummy has been crampy because he has been on meds for thrush and it is a side effect so we quit it today just 2 days shy of finishing it anyways. Finally the little red dots we have been seeing is just a "baby thing" Dr. M said. I was glad to hear he doesn't seem to be allergic to milk bc I was starting to think that. I feel so much better now that we have some answers. We head back to see him next Thursday for Baylor's 2 month appt and his first round of vaccines. Hopefully by then his reflux should be better. If not he is going to send Baylor to a gastro Doctor,but I have a feeling tweaking the meds will be the answer (at least I hope). Oh and my Little Man is growing he is up to 9lbs 6oz! Dr. M was very pleased with his weight gain since he started out so small. He also told Bay that he has a beautiful complexion! Then gave him a kiss on the cheek! We are very thankful to have such a great Pediatrician for our sweet boy. I can't wait to get the rest of his stats at his appt next week. We have a feeling most of that weight gain is in length!

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