Sunday, July 12, 2009

19 Weeks!

Actually I was 19 weeks yesterday! My baby journal says Although your baby still weighs less than a pound, he's getting heavier as fat stores increase. Your baby measures about 6 inches this week. Hair appears, on the head and as eyebrows and eyelashes. Even though they won't make their debut until years from now, the permanent teeth buds are developing under the gums, behind the milk teeth (baby teeth) buds. Also, this week, your baby's brain is assigning specific areas to support each of the five senses.

Brace yourself for even more gymnastics. Beyond kicks and stretches, your baby may flip upside down, twist and roll from side to side. Later in pregnancy,though, these movements won't be so dramatic because there will be less space in the uterus.

I'm 19 weeks I'm feeling pretty good. I'm showing more. I had a lot of people at Courtney and Turner's wedding notice and want to feel my bump. That was a lot of fun having people notice now. I've felt him every night so far moving around and poking out my side sometimes. My energy level seems to be getting higher and my nausea has still decreased a lot. I had a rough morning yesterday,but after I got sick a few times I felt great! I'm pretty sure that is how morning sickness is suppose to be. I hope I continue to feel this good!

Jonathan and I go for our OB appointment on Tuesday morning at 9am. We will be getting our anatomy scan that day. I will post some pictures of our growing boy that evening.

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The Cobbs said...

I always felt Hadley kick more at night too. They say it's easier to feel (earlier in pregnancy) because when you're moving around all day you don't notice it at much. Or...sometimes your movement rocks them to sleep. :) I'm so excited things are going so well for you. I look for blog updates frequently!! Love you lots!